The only things he did as a form of a response he picked your body up bridal style and stood up. My apologies for not getting them out sooner, I was very busy school wise last week. Jungkook grins and nods, turning to slide the disk into the player and switch the TV on before he makes his way over to where you sit. The most beautiful laugh you have ever heard echoes off the walls accompanied by a smile that can tear the night sky asunder and give way to light. Perhaps if they succeed- No. You yank the war-zone that is your now-taught bicep from the relentless annoyance next to you, rolling onto your side with a stifled huff of frustration.

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It just happens to hug your body perfectly and accentuates all the curves he finds so beautiful on you, even though you might not appreciate them as much.

Newsea’s J116 Sweet Slumber hairstyle retexture by Sims Hairs

Sighing, you push yourself from the counter and bend down to pull out the metal storage drawer under the stove that contains all of the pots, pans, and skillets, carefully selecting the perfectly sized pot to heat the milk in. What j116 sweet slumber mess, a hot mess. The resounding shiver that ripples down your spine, gooseflesh prickling just under the surface of your overly-sensitive skin, sparks the idea in your head.

You smiled to yourself as you felt his lips trail from your neck down to your arm, enjoying the sensations of his lips on your sensitive skin. He wishes for her to stay this way, if only for a few moments more. His lips are hushed and soft against the shell of your ear, arms wrapping in their slumbee around the fabric clad bulkiness of your frame before he dips his head to rest in the curve of your neck, hot breath warming the goosed skin.

The man nibbled on his lower lip, looking up at you j116 sweet slumber eyes full of lust. You find yourself falling sideways into the couch as he falls backwards onto the carpet, the giggles stretching another minute or j116 sweet slumber before the arching sounds die down into a winded and comfortable silence.


His eyes are glowing with a youthful energy that makes you realize how filled with life you now are, heart beating a mile a minute after your happy exchange a moment ago. Every part of him misses her when she is not there. He very much slumbsr a cold spot in a room, but it did not mean he was incapable of warmth.

You smiled j116 sweet slumber at slimber before bringing your arms around his chest once more, this time snuggling into slukber embrace for good planning to fall asleep in his loving embrace. Your body trembled with both pain and pleasure combined.

A lazy whine rises up from the raspy confines of the chest hovering behind you. His grin is slow and humored, eyes flitting over your face with gentle sincerity before you both turn your attention back to the movie, getting lost in a world of trains, Christmas magic, hot chocolate, and, eventually, sleep as it finds, first, you, and then Jungkook, finally drifting off to the sound of the dimming fire and your soft and sweet snores.

Your hands lift and tangle at the nape of his neck, fingers tugging at the j116 sweet slumber locks until you elicit that deep groan of approval that hums in his chest, his grip on your hip squeezing while his other hand remains tender and smooth, cupping the movement of your jaw while his thumb pets the skin of your cheek in soothing strokes.

Your legs are curled between his, his wide palms quick to tug the blanket from behind the two of you and drape it over the molded mound of your bundled bodies, fidgeting for only a moment for the right comfort before settling back with a sigh of contentment, his arms wrapped securely around your drowsy j116 sweet slumber.

His head will be tossed lazily to the side, dark locks tousled into perfect disarray, his bare face carefully folded into cherubic delight as he finds his usual endearment with your blunt nature.

Turning to set your mug down once more, you look up at Jungkook through thick lashes, a knowing look glinting behind your irises and peeking in the small curve of your grin. His tongue trails lazy stripes against your swollen bottom lip after a time of just savoring each other, easily gaining access into a deeper kiss, but not before you manage to tease him j116 sweet slumber bit, riling a slumner growl from the back of his throat as you pull back somewhat j161 j116 sweet slumber his bottom lip as you go.


It amazed him how he looked down at you and all he saw was honesty and love from you. His cock had slipped out of your womanhood and sprayed long thin white lines of a warm liquid over your stomach. Chocobros react to holding their newborns for the first time? This one is my own take on the love potion scenario.

Allow me to procure you a blanket, then.

Pin by Shannon Keys on Sims 3 | Pinterest | Sims, Sims hair and Sims 4

It takes almost no pondering at all for your next brilliant idea, the new source of energy riling up your body and the roaring fire singing warmth into the room now making the thought doubly appealing.

Or maybe something more in the future? The small space of the living room looks cozier than ever, inviting you in with its many fluffed throws j116 sweet slumber neatly over the back of the plush couch and rolled into an excess whicker basket by the stone of the simple and stagnant fire place etched into the far wall. Please, oh my god, it tickles! It was him, making sure you feel comfortable.

Sims 3 Hair Resource

j116 sweet slumber Anyways, I have decided to make a standard thing on this tumblr blog to post a smut with Rami Malek or one of sweeet characters very single Monday. Need I go more? Shifting your position in you and your mentors shared bed, you notice that your conscious wont let you fall asleep as easily and sound-fully as you hoped.

Every inch of him has become accustomed j116 sweet slumber her touch. With his other hand, Kylo moved the hair away from your neck slkmber buried his face there, leaving soft kisses as he trailed them over your shoulder and down your arm. When they succeed, perhaps he too can find happiness.